A Utopia For Some: Morningstar and Wheeler's Ranches Reconsidered
February 2 - March 28, 2019, Pitzer College

Exhibition Overview
Installation View 1
Installation View - Princess and the Pea
Timeline View 2
Bill Wheeler, the owner and founder of Wheeler's Ranch
Timeline View 1
Timeline of major events/people at Morningstar and Wheeler's Ranches
Installation View 2
Timeline detail, the Mikhul Family
Residents of Wheeler's Ranch
Installation View 3 - Expectant
Installation Detail - Motorcycle
Timeline View 3
Installation View - Reading Room
Installation View - Small Vase Shelf Detail
Small vases with stories told by commune residents. Vases are designed to handled by gallery visitors.
Installation Detail - Small Vase
Installation Detail - Commune Group
Group of imaginary commune residents inspired by Morningstar and Wheeler's Ranches
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